Announcing Vessel Reporting

Nextvoyage is happy to announce the public release of our newest suite of features, creatively titled, Vessel Reporting. The goal of Vessel Reporting is to enable a vessel’s crew to submit Vessel Events from their own portal directly to multiple linked Nextvoyage Freight Management Platforms run by their stakeholders. Vessel events include everything from daily noon reports to anchoring and berthing events, and expanding into other Port Activities.

Vessel Reporting Events List
Vessel Reporting Events List

With the release of Vessel Reporting, Nextvoyage continues to reinforce our vision of a quick-to-implement, end-to-end integrated solution for Voyage Chartering, Operations, Accounting, and Risk Management. Including the Vessel in this workflow brings a critical source of information into the workflow and enables more accurate Vessel Positions, Bunker Consumptions and therefore, Voyage P&L.

Vessel Reporting Voyage with Events Panel
Voyage with Events Panel

To use Vessel Reporting, a vessel crewmember simply needs to login to an online portal and will be able to register new events while also have accessing to all historically entered events. Once an event is logged, the crew simply submits it and the portal automatically distributes the information to the connected counterparties. The goal of the portal is to provide the crew with a straightforward portal that provides the features they need without any unnecessary complexity. Once events are received by a Nextvoyage user, they can review the details and accept the event, which will automatically update their voyage.

Vessel Reporting is available now to all Nextvoyage Subscribers. For more information, reach out to Nextvoyage Support via our Support Portal.


Jonathan McLean

Jonathan McLean

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