Built On Microsoft Azure

Nextvoyage is built on top of the Microsoft Azure Platform. We choose to use Azure for its robust security and stability that allows us to focus on what we do best: Freight and Voyage Management. We use several key components of Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure provides the Azure Active Directory (AAD) for a seamless, secure, single-sign–on (SSO) experience. Many organizations already have access to AAD through their Microsoft 365 Subscription, and even if you don’t, Microsoft provides AAD at no additional cost.

Nextvoyage is designed to take advantage of Azure’s ability to scale resources up on demand. The software uses only what it needs, helping to control costs and deliver consistent value to our clients.


Microsoft Azure offers Nextvoyage a full suite of available products and services: from traditional Web Apps to Databases to Functions, to latest technologies such as Generative AI models. Working with Azure, we never need to worry that we might be locked out of future best practices and tools, as Microsoft continues to iterate and offer the best.