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Navigating Change: Nextvoyage for Shipping Startups

Embark on a maritime journey of innovation with Nextvoyage, where shipping entrepreneurs redefine industry norms. In this dynamic sector, change is the constant, and visionary leaders act as catalysts. Discover how our freight management platform caters to startup shipping organizations, seamlessly integrating into their workflow. Dive into the criteria for an ideal software tool, ensuring it aligns with industry expectations, stays focused on purpose, and offers informed opinions. Join us as we empower startups to navigate the seas of change with best practices and cutting-edge technology, propelling the maritime industry into the future.

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Product Features

Announcing Vessel Reporting

Nextvoyage is happy to announce the public release of our newest suite of features, creatively titled, Vessel Reporting. The goal of Vessel Reporting is to

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VESSELINDEX and Nextvoyage Partnership

Nextvoyage actively engages in the burgeoning maritime technology sector. We see this space as a thriving ecosystem, where companies partner to solve distinct challenges. The

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AXSMarine Nextvoyage Joint Logo

Announcing AXSMarine Investment

Nextvoyage would like to announce that we have received a strategic investment from AXSMarine. The partnership will support continued growth of the Nextvoyage platform. A

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Our New Leadership Team

Nextvoyage is pleased to announce that we have expanded our leadership team. In September 2022, Nextvoyage welcomed onboard both Mr. John Viggiano and Mr. Jonathan

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