Risk Management

Nextvoyage’s risk management functionality allows shipping companies and freight traders to receive regular reports on freight and bunker trade positions, which are automatically generated for all freight commitments recorded in the system.

In addition to the physical freight contracts, financial contracts, such as FFA and Bunker Swaps, can be recorded to report on your hedged positions. Our built-in data analytics are highly relevant and make it easy to understand the entire trade portfolio of a company or business unit. Where necessary, the freight and trade positions can be interfaced with other systems like ETRM, CTRM, or external data analytic tools.

The greatest advantage of Nextvoyage is that besides being a market risk management tool, it is also preconfigured to minimize operational risks. Operational risks are reduced through approval workflows, intelligent data validation, and comprehensive insight into a voyage lifecycle, among other functionality. With easy segregation of duties and roles, Nextvoyage ensures your organization stays organized and sails smoothly without confusion.