VESSELINDEX and Nextvoyage Partnership

Nextvoyage actively engages in the burgeoning maritime technology sector. We see this space as a thriving ecosystem, where companies partner to solve distinct challenges. The foundation of such partnerships lies in sharing a mutual understanding of the ecosystem and the value of collaboration, as well as the seamless integration of technology. When companies are working together, the whole ecosystem thrives. Today it is easier than ever for two system providers to work together in partnership.

Ingredients for Success

A healthy partnership requires a few key ingredients. Firstly, it’s crucial for companies to recognise and appreciate the unique value each entity brings to the market. Additionally, each company’s platform should be open to integrations, easy to understand, and require minimal, “hoop-jumping,” to make connections work. Well documented interface specifications, subject-matter expertise, and troubleshooting support calls are all what make a partnership thrive on the technology side.

The last ingredient, and possibly the most important, is the user experience. For users working with an integrated solution, the experience of switching between systems can make or break their day. If the user experience involves too much context-switching, then the user will be spending time readjusting their thinking rather than continuing to execute their workflow.

Partners must work together to identify the best place in a workflow to hand-off a user from one system to another. This can be managed through two techniques: embedded content and deep-linking. Embedded content is where one system’s content can be shown in another system. Deep-linking is when the current system provides a button or link that will perform the next workflow step in a separate system, without break the users frame of mind. Effective use of these two techniques by partners can make sure users have a positive integration experience.


One of the great partners Nextvoyage has the pleasure of working with is VESSELINDEX. VESSELINDEX provides a user friendly interface for many tools and features that saves time for their users’ day-to-day chartering work. One tool, the VESSELINDEX calculator, enables clients to compare and benchmark any given dry bulk and tanker vessel. Other tools include the list functionality where multiple vessels can be saved, and the forward module, which allows the user to enter desired fuel prices and market levels. As a unique feature VESSELINDEX also offers instant due diligence guidance in relation to vessels’ speed & consumption descriptions.

Nextvoyage integrates VESSELINDEX functionality by importing vessel details from the extensive VESSELINDEX vessel database directly into Nextvoyage reference data. Additionally, when performing estimations or voyages with those vessels it is possible to see an embedded view of the VESSELINDEX sister ship ranking as well as a deep link that will open that vessel directly in a VESSELINDEX calculator. The user’s workflow in Nextvoyage contains the most relevant information from VESSELINDEX, and when it’s time to move into VESSELINDEX, the deep link ensures the flow between the two systems is natural and seamless.

To learn more about VESSELINDEX, check out their explanatory video on YouTube below:

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Jonathan McLean

Jonathan McLean

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